Monday, September 7, 2009

The Third (3rd) Fairy Esteem (Part I: The Preliminary Quests)

With only a few hours to go before the Lost Empire patch goes live in Perfect World Philippine servers, everyone is very much excited with what the new Patch brings, specially the third level of Esteem for Demon and Immortal players.

As what was said on the previous blog entry, it is of importance that one finishes the Chrono Wheel Quest since you need access to the ancient Towns to finish the entire quest.

But before going to that, here is the Preliminary Quests for both Demon and Immortal folks after going Infernal and Sublime respectively.

1.Talk to Ghost Warden in Devil Dome.

2.Dig up the Devil Sealing Tripod in evil Dragon Lake (Hell Dome) 495, 470 Altitude: 23

3.Kill the boss that will appear.
4.Talk to the Ghost Warden again.
5.This time, go to Heaven Dome and kill the Phoenix Yufei to get the 40 required items. They're located in Samsara Valley (Heaven Dome) 352, 516 Altitude : 32

6.Pass the quest back to the Ghost Warden.
And you're done with the first Part.
the Next Step is Talk to Sage of Force Wan Jun (537,673) in Dragon City.

1.Talk to Cunning Immortal in Heaven Dome.

2.Get the UnStained Stone in Breeding Pools (Heaven Dome) 479,627 Altitude : 18.

3.Kill the boss that will appear.
4.Return to the Cunning Immortal.
5.Go to Devil Dome and kill the Demon Feather in Hunting Mountain (Hell Dome) 347, 529 Altitude:

6.Return to Cunning Immortal.

Once you're done with these, you can proceed to Talk to the Great Sage of Light (567,633) in Dragon City South.


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